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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Planning a feast for yourself & a group of guests? Or are you looking for something more intimate for just the two of you in the most festive of seasons? 

A Christmas hamper is one gift that is sure to bring plenty of joy to the lucky recipients. However, with so much choice available, the question is – Which hamper is right for you & which hamper delivers the best value with the best ingredients? After all, Christmas comes but once a year so you need to be sure that the hamper you choose delivers on all fronts.

Classic hampers are in the unique position of not being bound to any one provider of Christmas hamper so we can offer you the best Christmas hampers all in one place.

For those of you who suffer from Diabetes, we have specially picked hamper gift products to suit your needs.

Looking for an Easter gift for a loved one? Our Easter gifts will bring joy to whoever the recipient is.

Five interesting facts you may not know about the Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper.

  1. It is almost 300 years old
    Fortnum & Mason hampers date back to the early 1700’s and have stood the test of time.
  2. The hamper originated in old fashioned coaching Inns
    The coaching inns typically had pretty terrible food on offer so Fortnum & Mason hampers were sold to wealthy travelers to take along on their long journey and avoid eating at such establishments.
  3. Worldwide coverage
    Fortnum & Mason hampers deliveries have spanned the globe – From the foot of mount Everest, to our Antipodean friends in Australia & even onto the battlefields in Iraq.
  4. Selected by experts - Just For You!
    Every item in a Fortnum hamper has been individually selected by an experienced buyer and contains items made by Fortnum & Mason themselves. Many of the products have a long history, including a marmalade which dates back the the 17th Century.
  5. Perfect for your Christmas indulgence
    Starting from just £60 and ranging up to the £6000 Majestic Imperial Hamper - Complete with Beluga Caviar, Foie Gras and quality Champagnes to name but a few items 

You can be sure to find a hamper to make your Christmas perfect with hampers by Fortnum & Mason.

For those of you who suffer from Gluten intolerance, we have specially picked products to suit your needs.

“What a lovely gift”, said no one ever when they receive the same old box of factory-produced chocolates or a dull photo frame! Always buy something you’d like to receive yourself and keep the receipt on the edge of their seats as you present them with your star of the show gift. And how can you possibly do that? 

It’s about time you write a little thank-you note to hamper baskets as these little bundles of utter joy can make anyone feel like they’re in seventh heaven!

Hamper baskets are baskets that can be filled with any gift item you can think of! Not only do they contain special gifts that stand out from those regular gift boxes, but they’re also presented in such an aesthetically-pleasing manner that they become the prettiest sight to the eyes. 

The delicate yet strong presence of the willow basket is a treat to your visual senses and comes to your rescue by making the present easy and firm to carry and could even be reused afterward!

Does the recipient love exotic chocolates, wine, teddy bears, and gummy bears? Sounds like an unusual combination to get your hands on, doesn't it? But with the help of a custom-made hamper, you can curate the perfect gift for your loved ones by picking out the items that they love the most and giving them a little bit of everything. A personal touch in a gift goes a long way!

Hamper baskets are incomparable gift items for Christmas as well. A Christmas hamper filled with all sorts of goodness all wrapped together in one wicker basket? Sounds like a delightful package that can bring a beaming smile to anyone's faces. 

The beauty is that they are suitable for all ages, genders, and even for people who are usually the hardest crowd to please when it comes to gifting them presents. A hamper goes easy on your wallet and becomes a present that’s completely tailor-made to match the personal taste of the recipient. 

We have curated a collection of the best baskets for you below. When your loved one receives this hamper basket, they won't just unwrap one present, but many little ones. Now that's what we call a lovely gift! 


Our Luxury Hamper range are a step up from the traditional hampers and include higher quality of ingredients. Choose from any of the gourmet hampers below and treat yourself to a little luxury.

All Luxury Food Hampers are available to buy online and are delivered across the UK.

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